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Njojah Poenja

In 2008, a hard working single mother of two, Tetty Sinuhadji, started selling quality Indonesian heritage clothing such as Batik and Ikat “Tenun”. She quickly gained a faithful following of customers who appreciate unique designs and well made traditional garments. With a small loyal team of talented artisans, tailors, and seamstresses, the Njonjah Poenja brand was officially established on January 22, 2012 in Jakarta. Tetty’s fashion sense, tenacity, and good intentions have proven fruitful.


Ten years later, this Brastagi (North Sumatra) woman owns multiple outlets in Indonesia, and she has also penetrated the markets in Europe and the United States. Her team has grown to over 50 (fifty) members whom she supported throughout the pandemic regardless of the economic difficulties. Her designs have been worn by the First Lady and many other ladies in the community.

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