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Rinda Salmun

Rinda Salmun is an ethical premium women’s label that was first established in 2010 and is based in Jakarta. Rinda’s objective is mainly to create and experiment on art forms through the medium of clothing whilst maintaining and minimizing waste and carbon footprint. As a painter and designer, Rinda’s inspirations come from a mix between the world of fine art and fashion with influences in contemporary fashion trends which are applied on the experimentation of colors, connections of bold lines and shapes, illustrations on fabric prints within a style, that accentuates woman’s curves and usually by revealing just enough to the imagination; edgy-sultry yet trendy and modernly-conservative.


The brand now aims to incorporate a more eco-friendly approach, integrating a new development of artisan fabric from textile waste within the studio from previous collections and projects along with wastes from our surrounding local CMT’s into a newly woven material in traditional weaving practice made by local artisans.

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