This brand was inspired by the stories about the founder’s grandmothers, Tioria and Tiorim. Both of whom were hard working mothers from different backgrounds in Sumatra and were instrumental in their families’ successes. Caramia, the founder, was moved by her grandmothers’ journeys and felt compelled to empower people to reach their definition of success through what she knows best. Fashion! Tioria by Caramia was established in 2017 with the help of her mother but Caramia’s western exposure throughout her school years made her clashed a lot with her mother who grew up in a traditional Batak upbringing. Setting their differences aside finally, the brand has flourished into creating high quality products that tells stories and make people feel happy and inspired. Tioria by Caramia is also committed to highlighting the unique Indonesian culture through fun illustrations of traditional vendor carts, Betawi “ondel-ondel” doll, and many others which have been made into tote bags, hats, scarves, and genderless clothing with such vibrant colors.  As in many small business ventures, Caramia experienced many ups and downs until they landed on their first big success through their “Bajaj” Jakarta scarf. The rest is history.

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