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We invite you to explore Indonesia with Hexi Los Angeles

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A creative space & community hub. Come for coffee, co-working, shopping, culinary, & more! Fueled by passionate Indonesian American small businesses.

About Us

In the spirit of nation-branding, HEXI is focused on a service-centric effort to boost awareness and appreciation for Indonesia. Our cultural heritage, skilled crafters, innovative artists, quality products, and a vast array of natural beauty are some of many assets that are uniquely Indonesia.
Through HEXI, we invite you to explore Indonesia!

Our Location

Deco Building
5209 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States
Wifi Password isHEXI@deco2022

Please help us sustain this initiative and maintain this historic building by purchasing our products and/or by donating any amount you can below.


Cash, card, and other methods of donations are welcomed. Please inquire one of our team members.