Fair Trade Movement: A Solution for Indonesia's Artisans

As Californians, we see a lot of taglines like “fair trade”, “sustainable”, and “ethical” in social media, advertisements, and many more but, do we really understand what they mean? Last Sunday, we had a firsthand experience of the whole movement at the Fair Trade Fashion Show, organized by the marvelous Sica Schmitz, in downtown Los Angeles.

HEXI Los Angeles Fair Trade Event

As Indonesians, recognizing the needs at home, we know “fair trade”, “sustainable”, and “ethical” are not merely taglines but part of a solution to improve the livelihoods of many. While they are part of our cultural heritage, our artisans and craftsmen of batik, ikat, tie-dye, woven rattan, and many others, are not directly benefiting from the real value of their work.

HEXI Los Angeles @ Fair Trade
HEXI aims to be part of the solution!
Let us all recognize the issues and support the movement!

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