The Deco AGP Building

An innovative and communal enclave, boasting a range of offerings from coffee and collaborative workspaces to shopping, dining, and beyond. This vibrant community is powered by the enthusiasm of Indonesian American small businesses.

Although standing at a modest two stories and overshadowed by its taller counterparts, this striking structure, adorned in black and gold terra cotta, adorned with zigzag moderne embellishments, commands attention.

Crafted by Morgan, Walls, and Clements, a time-honored architectural firm on the West Coast with a rich legacy in architectural revival and moderne styles in Los Angeles. This building stands as a relic, one of the city's few remaining black-and-gold Art Deco marvels—a smaller kin to the firm's grand downtown Richfield building, erected in 1928 and sadly razed in 1968.

Originally conceived as a local branch bank, faithfully serving its purpose until 1970, it underwent transformations into a restaurant, nightclub, and subsequently a Christian center.

Enduring years of neglect, the building underwent a meticulous rehabilitation, transforming into a haven for short- and long-term creative office spaces. Additionally, this architectural gem opens its doors for special events.