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Cnidaria Wrap

Cnidaria Wrap

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Inspired by CNIDARIA, a sea creature with an asymmetrical shape that is flexible and quite quirky, this unique and eye-catching design can be worn as a wrap top or skirt. Crafted from soft, flexible fabric, it'll flatter you in all the right places!

It’s recommend to washing when gets dirty or dry-clean in order for the color to last longer. Use LERAK or BABY SHAMPOO, and avoid detergents, other chemical soaps. Wash it slowly with gentle hands, and don't put it in the machine! Let it dry naturally, and avoid direct sunlight when drying. Please avoid washing it frequently. 

Every idea starts with a problem. Kallarona's was simple: Fashion are too polluting. Madly in love with the glimmering world of fashion, Kallarona seeks to find solution in creating pieces with purpose. They pledge to be different, to blend art and nature, to be cute, contemporary, meaningful, and most importantly leave a lighter footprint. With good materials and good designs, Kallarona's pieces are all hand-made in small batches, using non-toxic natural dyes and biodegradable materials!

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